Silvagrip peel and stick is applied on smooth, dry and clean surfaces. No special equipment is needed to install Silvagrip. The simplicity of the installation usually reduces the need for outside contractors. The area does not have to be restricted due to ventilation or curing times, as with non-skid paint. The finished surface is immediately ready for use.

Silvagrip’s superiority in durability results in less replacement and the total cost of ownership is significantly lower over the life of the product.


Long life, permanently safe surface
Silvagrip withstands high deck temperatures
Usable on all metals
Flexible – confirms to any deck substrate
Lightweight and paintable
Easy to clean by scrubbing or pressure washing
Oil and chemical resistant
Easy to repair or replace, even at sea
Corrosion-proof, waterproof, UV-proof
Use in all-weather environments
Resistant to wear (Ceramic Rc60+)
Approved and used by the US Navy Milspec MIL PRF 24667C type XI

If traffic patterns change, it comes up easily and cleanly.

Can Be wrapped and shaped to fit almost any application.

Schuh Technologies, LLC

Silvagrip is an aluminum/ceramic blend of molten metal and ceramic, applied to a back with adhesive and a protective plastic liner. It can be shaped or bent, but also provides a strong and hard non-skid wear surface. When molten aluminum blends with ceramic and oxygen it creates a very tough material with a rough surface profile..

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Can be Water-Jet cut to almost any shape, to fit your needs.

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